Object Visualization Versus Environment

Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) requires Plug and Produce solutions, pressure on productivity again accelerating the introduction of new production processes. In this situation, XARview represents an ideal tool for their optimal and faultless introduction to life.

The application allows to visualize a particular component, object, and locate it in a specific, real environment. It is primarily intended for use in industry, business and services. With the help of projection glasses, the user first scans the real space and then they can begin to place 3D objects using the holographic projection, either from their own database or from the catalog. During work the system displays all relevant data bound to the object as well as environmental parameters in their field of view.

Advantages From Two Worlds

In the industrial environment, this process brings considerable advantages as it enables to design production lines quickly, easily and efficiently. By combining the view of real environment, taking into account all the given conditions, with a 3D hologram of placed objects, a visual projection of the future solution is created. Thanks to comprehensive view and predefined assignments, it is possible to exclude all critical or risky factors of the planned production process in advance and change its parameters even before the actual implementation.

Prevent Faults Effectively

Thanks to the fact that more people can work in the system at the same time, experts from different areas can directly take part in the projection process and directly incorporate their comments into the emerging solution. While the project team does not have to work in one place, but its members can join the system online anywhere in the world. A considerable contribution represents a virtual solution of future workplace ergonomics, which can be tested by the operator with the help of glasses. Feedback suggestions can be instantly and easily implemented into the emerging project.

Case Study

During the transition to automated production systems, industrial companies are confronted with a number of problems, which must be solved with respect of their specificity by the companies themselves or with the help of engineering companies. Most of them arise at introducing new complex production lines, where unforeseen problems are often solved „in the go“, in the verification phase of operation or with the help of financially and time-consuming models in real size.

Manufacturing companies must often additionally solve serious problems with the new production line, which does not meet the safety criteria by its placement in the existing production hall, is not suitable in terms of its dimensions, handling of products or connection to existing media wiring. To reconstruct already existing modules of the new production line means, in addition to the time loss, an enormous cost increase and by this also a significant shift in the return of the invested resources. Using XARview application the mentioned problems can be prevented to save costs and time. The application is suitable for creating new projects as well as for correcting existing but inconvenient solutions.

The XARview application can be used not only for designing production lines, but also for designing new products, machines, different systems, wiring or continuous production. In the retail area, combined visualization with XARview represents an effective tool for optimizing the arrangement of business premises and the layout of exposed samples.