Glasses Instead Of Board

At the time of the ongoing lack of qualified labor forces, no solid company can operate without its own training system of new employees. Technologies that take advantage of mixed reality help to reduce the time needed for training to a minimum.

Why? It is said that it is better to see once than to hear one hundred times. Through visual perceptions, a man acquires new knowledge the fastest and it imprints deeper into their memory. The XARguide application integrates the two most important elements of the educational process – a comprehensive visual projection and personal approach of a professional instructor.

Virtual Class on Production Line

A trained worker can see real machines, equipment or products in a real environment thanks to holographic glasses. At the same time, a variety of additional information, instructions, scheme, workflows can be projected into the glasses according to the trainer’s instructions. An online connection is the basis for instant interaction, correction, mutual discussion, or correctness check, and it does not matter where the instructor is at that moment. He can train several workers through the system at the same time.

School and Supervision in One

The word guide means lead – the application is also suitable for direct guidance of workers in their activities, for example in the case of only temporary assistance or one-off operation for which it is useless to train laboriously an unskilled employee in this area. The application utilization means a shorter payback time for invested resources, benefit in the form of faster integration of a new worker into the production process, and at the same time it increases the level of safety and health protection during training time.

It Is Worth Investing

The training of a new employee is not very gripping for the company and the worker, but at the same time it is a demanding process, to which resources, premises and trainers must be allocated. The quality of training influences not only the work performance of the future operator but also their loyalty to the company. According to estimates, only one of twenty newly trained workers stays loyal to the company. The technology of using mixed reality can keep more of them.

Case Study

Every company that specializes in the development of solutions for warehousing and logistics constantly struggle with the problem of seasonality in warehouse operations. It is well known that retail companies experience the biggest onrush before Christmas, seasonal fluctuations are observed by the distribution of several types of food. Warehouse operators are therefore confronted with a constantly changing number of employees and some of them need to be re-trained again to handle loading and stowage of goods accurately and as quickly as possible.

The most effective tool for such situations is the use of glasses on the principle of augmented or mixed reality implemented in WMS. The information projected into the glasses accurately guides warehouse workers in the warehouse real premises, they display them the free places where they are to store individual items or where to pick them up when loading. Confirmation of the correct selection by a bar code will be ensured by the glasses themselves, the audio guidance used today is supplemented by a visual one. In this way the training requires only minimal time and costs, the application will help to improve quality, speed and work safety also to seasonal employees.

The use of mixed reality appears to be an ideal tool for training new staff within the TWI – Training Within Industry program. The main added value of this system is to learn directly on production lines under supervision and guidance of an experienced worker – a mentor. Of course, such a person is then apparently missing in the normal working cycle. Therefore, the possibility that remote mentor through XARguide can illustratively guide and control several trained workers at the same time means significant savings in both time and costs for each manufacturing enterprise.