Build Your Air Castle

The old dream of architects and builders is becoming reality – they can walk in a new object even before somebody knocks on the foundation stone. And not just walk. They can create and change it to the last detail or invite future users into it.

How do you like your future factory? Go around your new production hall to find out if there are not any obstructions or you miss something there! XARbuild will transform your ideas into reality. Literally.

On Solid Foundation

With holographic glasses, you can start building on a green meadow, from the ground to the top floor. Projection of an unlimited number of architectural elements will allow them to be perfectly positioned in real space. The technology supports the creation of building projects from the very beginning, not only objects of halls, their internal parts such as walls, doors, windows, partitions, sanitary, ventilation, but it also optimizes the process of realization of smaller projects such as completion or reconstruction of existing buildings, warehouses etc.

Without Unnecessary Risks

Designers know very well that the more variables they take into account already at the project stage, the better and cheaper the building will be. All changes that are performed during the implementation are expensive, they delay the completion date, and in many cases create the need for further unscheduled adjustments. However, if you can „view“ the whole building in a real environment in actual dimensions, if elements displayed by hologram „respect“ laws of physics, as it is with XARbuild technology, to a large extent all possible and impossible risks, complicating the life of builders and particularly later users of the building, are eliminated.

Case Study

How to design a production hall and be sure that everything in it until the last detail will work as it should? Each type of production puts specific demands on machine equipment, mobility, supply, the size of premises, lighting, sanitary, ventilation, handling spaces, warehouses … and the investor’s imperative is not to waste any extra centimeter or cent! The help is simple – to create a comprehensive project using the technology of Augmented Reality (AR). The huge advantage of applications like XARbuild lies in the possibility to simply engage the future user specialists in design works.

These can „walk“  with holographic glasses on around their future workspaces and assess them from the point of view of planned work actions, ergonomics, safety, etc. They can draw attention of designers to possible risks or „weak spots,“ resulting in a number of adjustments that architects can include into the final version of the project. The result will be a perfectly designed object without the need for additional and expensive adjustments that would be required by everyday practice.

The system can help not only to designers and future users, but also to construction workers. With holographic glasses they can instantly compare building plans with reality, find the material needed faster, or locate where it is to be applied. Feedback will be useful for quality control, correctness check of a performed operation and archiving required by legislation. The work with glasses, which you can perceive your environment through, is safe – it is necessary to be realized especially in the construction sector, which employs over 6.5 million people in Europe and which belongs, according to OSHA statistics, to the industry with the highest number of occupational accidents.