Just a few companies succeed like XaraTec and their innovative product. Not a month has passed since the entry of the main XarView and XarFix software, and the company has been invited to an exclusive two-day conference in the German capital, Berlin.


EngTalk – Have you heard about it already? This is not an English language course, but a meeting of leaders of international companies in the manufacturing of various industries. A closed-door meeting where the leaders of large companies from Germany, France, Sweden and other European countries are discussing the future of the industry and the trends that are still going on.


XarView nad XarFix - augumented reality for industry

Conference about future in industry


At this unique event, Xaratec presented two of its four pilot programms –  XarView and XarFix as a solution for many industries. Using programms, they can simplify and accelerate the operational work or streamline production processes at all stages – from the first step to the last.


For two days, conference participants on their own skin could try to work with HoloLens glasses and augumented reality directly in the rooms for the discussion. Those who did not work with XarView and XarFix via holographic glasses could watch in real-time on a computer what the glasses users see and do.


XarFix and XarView have thus found industrial applications for  radars and defense systems, automotive and aviation.