Hannover Messe is the event of the year for industry. The exhibition, that offers B2B communication in communication sector, was rich in innovations in the area of robotics, e-mobility, digitalization and artificial intelligence. The exhibition introduced more than 5,000 exhibitors from all over the world, including more than 150 start-ups. Among them, courageous young Slovaks, who introduced their pilot programs XarView and XarFix, working inthe environmentof holographic glasses created by Microsoft.

The trio of Slovaks with years of experience in the area of industry and digital technologies came with the idea of connecting the virtual with reality. They can make the work easier and more effective to many industrial plants from the beginning of production planning, through training of production operators. They can also solving the technical issues with production lines and engines – all thanks to programs XarView, XarFix, XarBuild and XarGuide.

At the exhibition Hannover Messe 2018, Ján Ondrejkovič, Dušan Okleštek and Róbert Kocian introduced program XarView under the brand XaraTec, that can  display 3D objects in reality thanks to holographic glasses. XarView offers extensive outlook and predefinedfigures, thanks to which it is possible to exclude all the precarious and critical factors of production planning process and change the parameters even before the actual implementation.  Moreover, several people can work independently on a single project offline; or online from any place in the world.


XarView and XarFix

Along with the XarView, visitors of the exhibition in Hannover had the opportunity to try XarFix as well. Its purpose is to make the work regarding the maintenance and reapir of the production lines and engines easier for service technicians. „Each outage on a production line means huge losses, proportionately rising with the length of downtime. Fast service intervention in such a case is the main thing that every production manager wishes. However, the help is not always close, and problems are growing with the complexity degree of the necessary intervention. XARfix is a troubleshooting solution,“ explains Ján Ondrejkovič.


Hannover Messe was therefore a unique opportunity to establish contacts with Germany, India and Mexico. Interest in XarView and XarFix was shown not only by experts in the area of automotive XaraTec is focused on, but also end consumers from all over the world.